Welcome to Healthy Hormones

True health and balance is not just about the body or mental state. Your existence balances as a whole. This means not only looking at the physical, but taking into account your spiritual and emotional health.  This is why we here at Healthy Hormones aim is to support you in every way possible. Services include:

  • Naturopathy: Naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine, is a system of medicine based on the healing power of nature. Naturopathy is a system where Naturopathic Practitioners strive to find the cause of disease by understanding the body, mind, and spirit of the person. Most Naturopaths use a variety of therapies and techniques such as nutrition, behaviour change, herbal medicine, homeopathy and flower essences. The underlying belief is that your body is able to fight infection and disease itself, given the right support. There are 2 areas of focus in naturopathy: one is supporting the body's own healing abilities, and the other is empowering people to make lifestyle changes necessary for the best possible health.
  • Nutrition: Nutrition is the science of food, the nutrients in foods and how the body uses those nutrients. It includes the process of ingestion, digestion, absorption, metabolism, transport, storage and excretion of those nutrients. It also includes the environmental, psychological and behavioural aspects of food and eating. The six classes of nutrients include: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Nutrition also involves identifying how certain diseases, conditions or problems may be caused by dietary factors, such as poor diet food allergies, metabolic diseases, etc.
  • Herbal Medicine: Herbal medicine is the oldest and still the most widely used system of medicine in the world today. It is medicine made exclusively from plants. Using plants as medicine provides significant advantages for treating many conditions. The therapeutic activity of a plant is due to its complex chemical nature with different parts of the plant providing certain therapeutic effects. In Australia the most commonly found cultural types of herbal medicine are Western, Aboriginal, Chinese and Ayurvedic (Indian), although there are also many other cultures represented in Australia that utilise their own unique and traditional herbal treatments.
  • Flower essences are herbal infusions or decoctions, made from the flowering part of the plant, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants which interact with these subtle bodies of the human being, and evoke specific qualities within us. At Reconnective Health, Australian Bush Flower Essences are used. Australia has the world's oldest and highest number of flowering plants exhibiting tremendous beauty and strength, and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy.