How many times have you seen a specialist about a physical problem and it’s either stayed right there – as physical only – or you’ve been told it’s it your head? 
And how many times has a specialist gone deeper?  On a spiritual level?
A lot of women either don’t get looked at on a deeper level; or they are unaware that a lot of issues can stem from an energetic level. 
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Have you heard of Pregnenolone before?  If the answer is NO, then you are one of many as this is a word that few people have heard before, or even know what it is. 

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"Impermanence is hope not annihilation ~ it allows change and possibility."

Gyuto Monks of Tibet

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Is Adrenal Fatigue the sentence to a fun-free existance?


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 All women are born goddesses, but as life takes place we tend to forget who we are.

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 A little bit of info on Healthy Aging....

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