What are they?

They are those sexy, crazy, kick-ass things that dictate the state of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health!

Hormones are chemicals that are made in the glands and the balance of hormones in your body at any given point is affected by many factors. They move about the body, usually through the bloodstream, and they influence every single process in our bodies. The release of hormones is one of the ways that different parts of the body communicate with each other. They regulate our heart rate, blood pressure and breathing, build bone, lubricate joints and maintain muscle mass. They regulate fertility and prepare our bodies for pregnancy and birth. They govern our menstrual cycle, temperature and energy, fight stress and relieve depression. Stress, body weight, time of day, time of the month, and any medications you take can all cause temporary changes in your hormone levels.

Our hormones can turn us from princess to bitch; from warrior goddess to a crumbling, anxious mess; within the space of a day. Slight changes can be normal. Extreme and rapid changes will most likely be from imbalance. And the problem with this is that we can often feel guilty after the moment, consequently putting extra pressure and stress on ourselves. This is what we don’t want to do.